Do you think Musk would actually let the product roam around in the open after creating years of hype?

The Tesla pickup truck is all the sedation these days, but no one has seen it or caught its test mules or anything. However, this channel on YouTube called ’TorqueNews" apparently caught the pickup truck comfortably cruising on the highway completely undisguised. Is this the real deal? Well, it’s not. Tesla is not known to test its vehicles out in the open whether disguised or undisguised. It probably tests them somewhere in the outer space along with the SpaceX Roadster; or in the Hyperloop tunnels! You wouldn’t see a ’Musk’ito out in the open from Tesla’s factory, let ’Elon’ a pickup truck (I know how horrible these puns sound).

Truckla Is A Result Of Impatience

So, the truck in question is actually a Truckla. Yep, it’s a conversion project done by Simone Giertz. This talented lady was looking for a Tesla pickup truck and did not have the patience to wait for the real deal. So, she decided to go take the matter into her own hands and build a Tesla truck of her own. The Truckla is based on the Tesla Model 3.

The main reason to pick this over the Model S was because the Model 3 is based on a steel chassis, unlike the aluminum chassis of the Model S, and can be easily fabricated.

Literally 25-percent of the Model 3 was chopped and transformed into a pickup truck. Pretty neat work, to be honest. You can see the whole conversion on Simone’s YouTube channel. So, basically, ’Torque News’ spotted this on the roads, and not an actual Tesla pickup truck.

When Will The Real Deal Be Showcased?

Speaking of the Tesla pickup truck, it is always in the news for one reason or another. Musk recently announced that the truck will be offered with a starting price under $50,000. It will feature dual motors and a suspension that dynamically adjusts for load as standard.

The truck will most likely come with a range of 500 miles on a single charge with the largest battery pack offering in tow.

Musk sent us into a frenzy when he tweeted that the Tesla pickup truck will be able to tow 300,000 pounds. That is almost 10 times more than the best-rated trucks available on the market today. This also suggests that it will have a ridiculous torque figure. The Tesla truck apparently made its official debut at the Model Y’s launch earlier this year. When the webcast for the Model Y ended and people left to get their test drives, Tesla flashed an image of the ’cyberpunk’ truck. Surprisingly, not a single person caught this live.

Final Thoughts

Someone Caught the Rare and Elusive Tesla Pickup on Video!
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People have been speculating and rendering the Tesla pickup for a long time now, and it’s quite surprising that this product is literally still a theory. Kudos to Tesla for keeping it under the wraps so well. But since the wait is getting unbearable, people like Simone have already built their own Tesla pickup truck. I think the team did a great job in converting the Model 3 to a pickup. It would be intriguing to see how the company folks react to it when it goes for in for servicing. What are your thoughts on this Truckla? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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