Over 1,000 horsepower at the rear wheels makes for some pretty good donuts

People are doing all kinds of insane things on the Internet these days, all in the name of getting noticed. Modifying a Bugatti Veyron to be RWD could certainly fall under that category.

Taking responsibility is Houston Crosta, owner of Royalty Exotic Cars, a Las Vegas-based rental company that specializes in top-shelf machinery.

Why would he do it? Good question. Crosta explains it like this: “when it’s all-wheel drive, 4,000 pounds, the car does not feel fast. It’s going fast, don’t get me wrong. The car beats other cars in a race. But, get in the 720S McLaren, it feels like its gonna kill you.”

Uh, okay. Whatever you say, bruh.

And just like that, Crosta and crew pull the front diff and the front axles. The vid actually provides some interesting views underneath the Veyron while they rip out all the required gear to make it RWD only.

After putting it all back together, sans the stuff to make it AWD, Crosta takes the freshly RWD’d Veyron for a cruise to see how the onboard computer adjusts to the hacked-up drivetrain. All seems well, so you know what happens next - foot down, tires burn.

As a side note, the Veyron uses a special type of Michelin tires that cost $17,000 a set. To unseat them from the Bug’s wheels, you gotta send them back to France and spend $70,000. So yeah, that’s some rather expensive tire smoke.

Congrats dude, you just ruined a $1.5 million car for a YouTube video.

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