It’s not the real deal, but we are already loving this little thing

The Cyberbike is here! Well, it’s not built by Tesla, but anything that’s weird can now be prefixed with “Cyber”, right?

Famous YouTuber Casey Neistat converted an electric bike to a Tesla Cybertruck-inspired Cyberbike just by adding an aluminum frame to it. Putting the ridiculous idea on the side for a second, this is actually one of the neatest hacks we’ve seen in recent times. Do you want a bullet-proof body? Well, Tesla could do it. The rear-view mirrors could be shatter-proof too… or maybe not.

The Alleged Cyberbike Sure Got A Lot Of Attention

Someone Has Seriously Already Made a Tesla Cyberbike!
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Casey Neistat received an electric bike from Super73 who asked him to review it without revealing it. Being a naked bike of sorts, it would have been difficult to cover it up with camouflage or the likes, so Casey decided to build a Cybertruck-esque exoskeleton for it.

Easier said than done. But the main idea was to fabricate a shell that could also serve as camouflage. His helpers made a cardboard frame first, and when the guys finally worked out the details, they built an aluminum exoskeleton. It even featured the slim headlights in the front!

In the back, a removable tray was mounted and it can house half-a-dozen beer cans, as Casey showed. The Cyberbike received a lot of attention and people actually called it the Tesla bike. You can even hear them call it dope.

We Have To Be Content With This Since Musk Will Never Make An Electric Motorbike

Someone Has Seriously Already Made a Tesla Cyberbike!
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What a genius hack this is. Elon Musk earlier announced that he will never build a Tesla motorbike because he considers them to be dangerous. However, he’s not averse to an electric dirt bike. This could give him some ideas. When asked for updates about the ATV, he previously tweeted saying that "we [Tesla] will aim to have it [the ATV] come out same time as truck. Two-seater electric ATV designed to work with Cybertruck will be fun! Electric dirt bikes would be cool too. We won’t do road bikes, as too dangerous. I was hit by a truck & almost died on one when I was 17.”

Final Thoughts

Someone Has Seriously Already Made a Tesla Cyberbike!
- image 885398

The Cyberbike looks fun, but Casey mentioned in the video that Super 73 has no plans of building anything on these lines. This was used as a cover to keep the bike hidden during road tests and it served the purpose.

Casey also said the bike was tough to handle with the exoskeleton on, but otherwise, the Super 73 full-suspension electric bike is amazing. Although Musk has ruled out the possibility of a Tesla Cyberbike, how about making DIY kits of sorts for regular bikes? If we can have flamethrowers, then why not this? Share your thoughts on this idea and the Cyberbike Casey created in the comments section below.


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