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People are building anything from Lego, quite literally. The creation we’re discussing today isn’t as groundbreaking as that full-scale running and driving Bugatti Chiron, but it’s still amazing: a fully-functioning Ford Falcon engine.

This here isn’t just a scale reproduction of the inline-6 4.0-liter engine that powers some Australian Ford Falcons made out of Lego parts. No, this is a recreation that actually works, mated to a Lego ZF 6-speed gearbox.

Fully-functioning Aussie Ford engine

Lego builder Leo pieced together this small-scale working recreation of the 4.0-liter Barra turbocharged engine used in some high-performance Australian-built Ford Falcons using nothing but standard lego parts. Nothing, as Leo states, was glued or painted or manufactured.

You can remove the cam cover of the Barra engine to see the pistons move up and down and the crankshaft spin as it would on the real thing. The belts also spin as does the turbocharger itself and the only big differentiator between Leo’s creation and the real engine is that the Lego one features a flat plane crank and not a cross-plane crank.

Leo first built a scaled-down version of the XR6 Turbo engine earlier this year, taking inspiration from his real car as he actually owns a two-year-old Falcon XR6.

Now, he’s submitted his engine design to Lego via the Lego Ideas platform but needs supporters to make his prototypes a reality other Aussie car fans can grasp. Go check it out and offer your support by clicking here and, who knows, maybe next up he’ll build his car as a miniature Lego model with everything on it functioning as it would.

If you’re curious, the Barra 4.0-liter engine behind the hood of the FG Falcon develops 362-horsepower at 5,250 rpm and 393 pound-feet of torque between 2,000 and 4,750 rpm. It has a redesigned low-profile intake plenum, a smaller turbocharger which can spool faster, a brand-new intercooler, and an updated cylinder head to increase compression.

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