The wonders of the auto world never cease to amaze

This is a 2001 Ford Taurus RWD. There’s nothing special about it, at least if you look at it from all angles. But this particular rear-wheel drive Taurus has a little secret hidden underneath all that underwhelming white body panels. Believe it or not, but this 2001 Ford Taurus with the missing headlamps and the mismatched wheels is actually powered by a 2.5-liter 1JZ-GTE VVTi inline-six-cylinder engine. It’s the same engine Toyota used on the first-generation Supra all the way to the third-generation model. Suffice to say, this 2001 Ford Taurus is the living embodiment of a car that isn’t what it seems at first glance. Just as you scoff at its blandness, it leaves you in the dust with your jaws dropped on the floor.

I’m not going to try to spoil anything more than I already have because this video is a revelation. It also proves that just because a car looks a certain way, that doesn’t mean it can’t punch you in the mouth when you least expect it. This is the takeaway from this unorthodox build concocted by an individual named Louis Strianese, who some of you may know as “porschetech101” on Instagram.

Strianese put a lot of work into this project of his, and it doesn’t just start and end with cramming that 2.5-liter 1JZ-GTE engine into the 2001 Taurus.

Part of what makes this particular project so unique is that the entire powertrain — not just the engine — was swapped to create the setup that he has. The 1JZ-GTE engine, for example, is connected to a W58 five-speed manual transmission and a Lexus LS400 differential. Yes, Lexus parts found their way into this build, too. Even the suspension was completely modified to fit the whole setup. There’s a custom tubular subframe with a Foxbody manual steering rack in the front and a Lexus LS400 subframe in the back. It’s all balls-to-the-wall insane that it really doesn’t do justice to hear it from us.

Someone Seriously Crammed a Toyota Supra 1JZ into a Freaking Ford Taurus
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Instead, we’ll invite you to watch the video and hear about the whole project straight from the mouth of the mad scientist that concocted it. Just to refresh your memory. This is a 2001 Ford Taurus that’s powered by the OG Supra’s 2.5-liter 1 JZE-GTE inline-six-cylinder engine. The wonders of the auto industry never cease to amaze.

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