With all of the hype being pumped into the Need For Speed franchise by video game developers Electronic Arts, it would seem that the highly anticipated release of the latest Real Driving Simulator is falling by the wayside. That won’t be the case if the marketing department at Gran Turismo 5’s creators Polyphony Digital has anything to say about it. These screenshots of the game’s menu screen show off the designers ability to blend intricately designed sports cars with highly detailed backgrounds and ever evolving humans.

Sony releases official Gran Turismo 5 screen shots, game should be out sometime
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The vehicle on display is a GT500 Nissan GT-R from Japan’s Super GT racing series. If this were an SAT question we could ask "V8 Super cars is to Austrialia as Super GT is to (blank)", and you ought to know that the four door race cars from down under are bigger than NASCAR is here in the U.S. In what looks like over a billion polygons of GT-R you can see the extensive detail that the game’s designers went to as evident by the countless louvers and intricate head lamps. The surroundings look to be a plaza somewhere in western Europe because of all the German tourists and the Foto hut, but the best part about the people is that they have gained an extra dimension, just another display of the extent that the team at Polyphony go to.

From what we can tell from the images, Gran Turismo 5 will offer the classic Arcade mode, online gameplay, something that looks like the best birthday present ever, the tedious driver tests, some sort of a manage everything garage, a multimedia center, and the usual tools for adjusting the game settings and a place to save your progress. From previous experience we aren’t going to bother predicting when GT5 will be available, but one thing is for certain, no matter how many delays each new version of Gran Turismo endures, they are always well worth the wait.


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  (137) posted on 09.5.2009

That is true, those over hyped marketing for EA’s NFA shows how they are so worried about this GT5 and they cannot stop Poly m making this historical. I just hope GT5 uploads faster and gives real and life like race stimulation.

  (318) posted on 09.4.2009

Who says GT wont meet with NFS rating? What I like most with this one of course is the classic arcade featured in most tracks and racing events. It like getting something new for best gaming experience while reliving the old classic game play.

  (314) posted on 09.4.2009

I cant wait to see how the Nissan Skyline is pimped for this game. I am so excited. I guess this will be teh biggest franchise for the GT and I just hope that this game will give more opportunity to gamers interested with heart pounding actions on the race track

  (421) posted on 09.4.2009

This is awesome..who would ever imagine that this GT racing developers could really go this far? I am a GT fan as well as NFS fan but Gt could really drive me crazy and wild clamoring for more to gorge and fill up my wanton for something as exciting as GT

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