SouthSide Performance releases new upgrades for Nissan GT-R Clutch Packs

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GT-R tuners South Side Performance have just released two different replacement clutch packs for the VR38 powered beast from the east. The SSP SS Clutch pack is a direct replacement for the factory unit, while the SSP RS Clutch pack features a 25% larger surface area for those who wish to make up to 700 HP with their Nissan GT-R.

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SouthSide Performance releases new upgrades for Nissan GT-R Clutch Packs
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South Side Performance is offering, another first for the R35 GTR, our SSP SS Clutch Packs and SSP RS Clutch Packs for the Nissan GR6 Dual Clutch Transmission. This component is another in a line of SSP products that strengthens and supports high horsepower GTR‘s.

In months of testing R35’s running very aggressive power combinations, SSP has tireless worked to create a wide array of components for the GR6 transmission in order to increase its ability to support high horsepower applications. SSP has experience with high horsepower AWD cars and knows that clutch packs are going to be a point of weakness once certain power levels are exceeded. So, instead of responding to failures after they happen, SSP has designed a solution to prevent clutch failures from happening in the first place.


SouthSide Performance releases new upgrades for Nissan GT-R Clutch Packs
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At SSP we believe that one size rarely fits all and it is because of this that we are offering two different models of clutch packs. The first of these packs is a stock style replacement that includes 12 individual clutch discs that are nearly identical to those that come from the factory. These discs are meant for customers who have broken or worn out their existing discs, but do not plan to run high horsepower application. This is the first solution for owners who wear out their clutches and simply want to replace them with new units without buying an entirely new transmission.

The second offering is our RS Clutch Pack which has 25% more gripping force than the stock clutch packs due to an increased surface area. The disc itself is a complex compound of cotton, carbon fiber, synthetic organic fibers, and other materials. These new materials add to the strength of the discs while still retaining the properties that allow it to hold up in the submerged oil environment of the GR6’s valve body. This particular compound will hold 700 whp.

The best part of this modification is that it is a relatively easy installation that can be done at nearly any transmission shop. As a result, this is one of the simplest and most effective modifications a GTR owner can do to strengthen their transmission as a whole.

Price and Availability:
This upgrade is available for pre-order starting today for $1,399.00 for the SS Clutch Packs and $1,599.00 for the RS Clutch Packs. SSP will have these in-stock on a regular basis by the end of April.

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