The weird fascination for a whale’s genitalia continues with the soon-to-be unveiled Dartz T68 Kombat Monaco Red Diamond Edition.

To be unveiled at the Top Marques Monaco 2010 in two weeks, the special edition T68 Kombat comes with a plethora of bad ass features including gold plated, bulletproof windows and bulletproof 22 inch alloys, a tungsten exhaust and tungsten badging and gauges, white gold gauges encrusted with precious gem stones, additional Kevlar coating, a Rogue Acoustic Audio System, and of course – how can we forget – the whale penis leather interior.

The vehicle, which has already found a buyer, is poised to become one of the key attractions of the Top Marques Monaco 2010 when it opens its doors beginning April 15. In the meantime, here’s a teaser photo of the vehicle, accompanied by a pretty foxy young lady.


Source: GT Spirit

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  (473) posted on 02.16.2011

Taller or more "American" size drivers should try the Toniq or the upper end Caterhams with the lengthened chassis instead.

  (539) posted on 02.16.2011

The promoters are touting the world debut of the Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS, from Amsterdam-based Bewerp, which they bill as "the first four-door coupe-convertible supercar

  (406) posted on 05.4.2010

Well this model is definitely one of the most remarkble and amazing cars at the Marques Monaco with amazing features and performance.

  (765) posted on 04.26.2010

Its really a huge car for me too! I hope its safe to drive. No doubt this car is pretty expensive.

  (392) posted on 04.18.2010

Seems like a pretty huge ride for me. It will surely be safe and luxurious. I’m guessing that the guy who bought this might be some kind of royalty or some really rich dude from somewhere. Having bulletproof for your car is not a very cheap addition to the option of gadgets and accessory to the ride..

  (504) posted on 04.6.2010

This is a good escort car for the high profile persons and well suited in PMC in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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