If you thought that the Devon GTX was the only low production hand made American super car setting records then you might want look under the M section of your automotive dictionary. That is because the Riviera Beach based Mosler Automotive company has been making mid engine race cars around the best V8s that Chevrolet has to offer and then also sells them as street cars.

One thing that every Mosler has been built to do since 1993 is go around a track as quickly as possible, and the U.K. Racing Team is preparing a very special Mosler MT900 in order to do just that, except the circuit they are going to is like none other in the world. That is because Italy’s Nardo Ring is a high speed test track consisting of a 7.8 mile long banked circle sitting on the heel of the nation’s boot. The U.K. based technicians have already begun preparations by ensuring that they will be able to get the required 1000 HP from a 427 cubic inch LS7 borrowed from the Corvette Z06. The next step is to get the car and driver (Michelangelo Larosa) package as close to 1000 pounds as possible, however aerodynamics might play a bigger role than they think to best the special edition Mercedes C111’s 403.978 km/h record set back in 1979. However we are still waiting for the date.


Source: Autoblog.it

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  (477) posted on 01.18.2010

Do you think the Mercedes C111 will be the base of this special Mosler MT900? It’s somewhat like combinations of popular car parts and a little bit freestyle customization on the aerodynamics of this car...
Really give me the nerves of excitement to see the result of this combination and to know the capability of this car.

  (780) posted on 12.20.2009

I will commend Vath for the great tuning to increase the power of the ML63 that improves the sprint time for 4.5 seconds. Well this is a great deal for everybody especially for people who wants an SUV, the price is that reasonable for the great setup.

  (1332) posted on 12.9.2009

No matter how advanced the engine is, it’s nothing if the weight of the car and the driver is too heavy. It is like the speed of the car depends 30% with the weight of the driver and 70% percent to the weight of the car. Good luck, hope they will make it.

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