Every country has its ways of trying to reduce speed. For example, the city of Philadelphia uses 3D images to deter speeders. But China went to the extremes: a 100 foot long, 2 foot high, winding speed block smack dab in the middle of the Jing Zhuang highway.

Can you imagine how your car might look like after passing it? Or the traffic jams? Hmm! Rather not!


Source: gizmodo

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  (2) posted on 08.27.2008

In these way,big automobile,especially lengthened trucks cannot pass,but the road is still available for cars and normal trucks.

  (2) posted on 08.27.2008

Haha,it’s not a way to reduce speed.In fact,it’s a way to stop overweight trucks passing there.
In China,trucks’ overweighting is a big and hard-to-solve problem.And these trucks always destroy roads.

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