American law enforcement takes their speeding regulations quite seriously. After all, these people don’t want American citizens to become just another statistic in the growing number of deadly roadside accidents happening all over the US.

As such, some towns have gone to great lengths to ensure their speed limits are carefully enforced and those wishing to violate them should know the
steep price they’re likely to pay.

The Elm Grove Police Department in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has thought of a new way to remind drivers regarding the perils of haphazard driving. Going against the trend of laying out the punishments for would-be speeders, this department has come up with an ingenious way to keep drivers from pushing the throttle, and what better way is there than to remind them just how much money they’ll spend in hospital bills when they tow the line of the speed limit.

The pictures speak for themselves, really. The billboards displayed all over this town indicate how many days you’re likely to spend, not in jail, but in the hospital, depending on how fast you’re going. Other billboards in the area also tabulate the hospital bills you’re likely to incur based on your speed.

We’ve got the faintest idea how this billboard crunches these numbers but it sure is a great way to get attention, right? After all, we think that most people would likely prefer a stiff penalty and a few days in the joint as opposed to spending weeks in a hospital with escalating bills to boot.

Source: Direct Daily

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  (340) posted on 09.22.2010

Extremely Cool!Its a Good Humor and warning.

  (134) posted on 08.2.2010

It would be an effective reminder for drivers to be mindful of the road.

  (570) posted on 02.1.2010

It’s good to see that there are people concerned about the way people drive. I have seen a lot of different billboards and I think that they are great. On one stop light I even read “drive safe dad, I’m waiting for you”. Simple but it delivers a good message.

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