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Better late than never... but 52 years late? Well, yes. A man forgot about a speed ticket received 52 years ago and now, after he discovered the ticked in an old pocket he phoned and said "I’m sorry, forgot about it!" and after that he sent a note of apology with a 9$ note to Philadelphia cops.

The old man name is John Gedge, 84. He was caught doing 55mph in a 35mph zone during a holiday to Philadelphia in the US in July 1954. He promised to pay the fine when he returned to his hotel but forgot - until he found the speeding ticket last week.

The US police officer said that he will frame the letter and the 9$ as an example for the ones hwo always "forget" to pay their tickets.

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  (6023) posted on 02.11.2008

How was his liscense not suspended?

  (6023) posted on 06.21.2006

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