The demise of the Mitsubishi EVO as we currently know it could have been the death knell that pushed Mitsubishi over the edge. But the company is determined not to let the circumstance of the EVO’s fate dictate its own. That’s probably why a lot of people are getting excited with recent reports that a resurrected — and hybrid — 3000GT could replace the current EVO.

According to Auto Express, a hybrid 2+2 coupe that will take its cues from the 3000GT could be in the cards for Mitsubishi. This future model, should it get green lit by Mitsubishi execs, could potential use a modified version of the all-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid technology that’s currently being used by the Outlander PHEV.

Adding further credence to this rumor are talks that the next hybrid will be offered as a hybrid, something Lance Bradley, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Motors UK, alluded to when he told Auto Express that while no specific plans have been laid about the next EVO, there’s "interest and willingness within [Mitsubishi] to produce one", albeit one that will carry a hybrid powertrain.

"There is demand for a car which performs well and makes problem feel good for themselves in terms of its efficiency," Bradley added. "If we can do an SUV which emits just 44g/km of CO2 then we can do the same with a performance car.”

That’s likely where talks of bringing back the 3000GT, which we haven’t seen since 1999, comes into the picture. Back in its heyday, the 3000GT was Mitsbushi’s resident 2+2 sports car that matched wits with the likes of the Mazda RX-7and the Nissan 300ZX.

Times are changing with more and more companies turning their attention to hybrid technology for their sports cars. The way things are shaping up over at Mitsubishi, it does look like the company is the next to follow in that direction.

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evo XI

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Rumors of the Mitsubishi EVO XI being developed as a diesel-electric hybrid have been in the oven for years now, but recent indication seems to suggest that the 3000GT would take the place of the EVO, but may carry the powertrain that was rumored for the EVO.

It’s going to take a lot to convince the EVO-loving world that this is the right way to go, but Mitsubishi appears to be determined to keep up with the growing number of automakers developing hybrid sports cars. Should it happen, it’s at least reasonable to expect that such powertrain to come in the form of a 1.6-liter gasoline engine combined with an electric motor that would allow the car to hit 60 mph in just under five seconds.

The hybrid system could also be combined with Mitsubishi’s S-AWC all-wheel-drive system and active yaw control, technologies that we already know for a fact was being used in the EVO X.

Source: AutoExpress

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