• Spoiled Teen Torched His Ferrari 458 Italia Because he Didn’t Like it

Having grown up in a family that went from the clenches of poverty to upper middle class, thanks to the hard work of my dad, I have learned to appreciate everything I have. With these values firmly installed in my cranium, It’s little punks like this son of a Swiss millionaire, who torched his Ferrari just to get a new one, that make me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon.

After learning that he couldn’t straight-up trade his 458 Italia in on a car that better suited him, the dealership that he was attempting to do the deal with allegedly suggested filing a fraudulent insurance claim. Instead of brushing off the idea like a normal human being would and just dealing with the misery of driving a three-year-old Ferrari, this entitled teen hired two friends for 15,000 Francs (about $15,000) each to set the prancing horse ablaze while he frequented a local massage parlor.

Fortunately, the kid didn’t get away with his dirty deed thanks to nearby security cameras, and the cops tossed him into jail shortly after. As with just about any rich kid, he didn’t spend too long in jail, as apparently daddy dearest bailed him out to the tune of 215,000 Francs ($217,500). He will, however, have to do 22 months of probation and pay a fine of 32,000 Francs ($32,000).

Now for the salt in the wound of this story. This kid gets anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 Francs ($5,000 to $10,000) from his father every month, has 27 million Francs in real estate that his father gave him, and has 15 cars – one of which is a Lambo – all purchased by his dad. If this isn’t a PSA for how to not spoil your kids, then I don’t know what is.

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Why it matters

I will never understand obscenely wealthy people and the way many of them hand everything to their kids. What do they think this is teaching them? Will this help them appreciate what they have in life, or is it building strong moral character? Absolutely not! It is teaching them that everything in life is easy to come by, and that whatever they want, they should get. If they don’t get it… well, you see what happens…

What a waste.

Ferrari 458 Italia

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