10,000 less SUV’s sold last year in the UK.

Is the SUV market falling down? The figures from the UK would suggest yes, but is this just a bubble or has the SUV bubble burst?

Sports Utility Vehicle sales down for the year by nearly 10,000.

The Sports Utility Vehicle market in the UK suffered a slight set back in sales this year by nearly 10,000 models for the 2005 to 2006, this only relates to a drop in sales of around five and half percent, so there is not really much in it, but never the less it is drop and not an increase and ten thousand models is a lot of revenue to lose by anyone’s standards.

So, where do we go from here? Is the market for the sports utility vehicle failing under the pressure of all the anti four wheel drive cars, by those who seem to hate these vehicles not for the car but it actually appears to be about the people that drive the cars. Or is this just that the current owners of the so called Chelsea tractors have not changed the car this year, because they are waiting for new models to come out, one thing is for sure that we cannot really understand this until it has become a trend, like if this time next year the figure are down again, then it would become a trend and then the manufacturers would have something to worry about. The market share for sports utility vehicles for the year 2005 was 7.7 percent of the total market, whereas back in 1996 the market share was only 3.9 percent.

We will have watch the figures in order to decide how this market in moving, up or down!

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