Spy photos: Crash-tested Ferrari 458 Italia

Spy photos: Crash-tested Ferrari 458 Italia
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Our friends over at WreckedExotics were kind enough to share with us a number of photos that looks nothing like a Ferrari 458 Italia. But the thing is that’s exactly what they are.

While not painted in the traditional colors Ferraris are usually associated with, the two teal blue 458s were actually the ones used by the Prancing Horse for their crash tests. Judging from the damages done on the two cars, it appears like they were involved in a side impact test and a front and rear impact test.

Also worth noting is the fact that apart from these two that are only partially covered, a number of other supposed 458s that we can only assume as crash test vehicles are fully covered. From the looks of things, the beaten-down 458s look to be in relatively good shape after enduring a crash test, which only lends more credence to Ferrari’s goal of giving the 458 some added toughness.


Source: Wrecked Exotics

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  (518) posted on 02.3.2010

I think that it’s great that they are crashing hot cars like this one. Well, although its on purpose, it’s objective is good anyways. This is a great way to know if it will be safe and a great way to see if there are improvements that can be done to make it a better car.

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