It is clear that Hyundai wants to move up market. It will soon introduce the Genesis, which is a rear wheel drive four door sedan designed to compete in the luxury segment of the market. 

But it looks like Hyundai has more in store. Photos reportedly taken in Korea show a two door which appears to be rear wheel drive. Very little, however, is known about the car, including where it fits in the market or Hyundai product range. Is it the next Tiburon or an addition to the line? V-6 or V-8? Based on the Genesis sedan’s platform or something else? All of this speculation and more, courtesy of Autoblog, but no answers. 

But it offers some guesses.

Number one is that this couple is close to production, with introduction in Korea in March of 2008 and in the United States that fall.

Among the other guesses:

This vehicle will be a move up market. The Tiburon will end up being moved to the Kia nameplate. If so, this vehicle will be aimed more directly at the Nissan 350Z and its competitors, rather than the Tiburon price range. This would mean either a turbocharged or supercharged 3.8 liter V-6 in the base model with a V-8 in the up market version. Hyundai has a new V-8, the Lambda, which would be expected to deliver at least 300 hp in this application.

Source: NewTiburon

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