The updated Ferrari Portofino could feature a more poweful V-8

Back in 2017, Ferrari replaced the California T, its retractable-top grand tourer, with the Portofino. A much-improved version with a redesigned exterior and a more powerful turbo V-8 engine, the Portofino is about to get a mid-cycle refresh. As these new spy photos show, Ferrari is testing a camouflaged Portofino near Maranello, meaning that the 2021 model year could bring a revised version of the grand tourer. But are there any significant changes to talk about?

The revised Ferrari Portofino won’t change that much on the outside

Spy Shot Alert: 2021 Ferrari Portofino Seen For the First Time! Exterior Spyshots
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The test car is fully camouflaged, but the wrap isn’t very thick, so we can still see the car’s design features and curves. And it seems that the front end is identical to the outgoing Portofino. This doesn’t mean that it will carry over unchanged, but revisions will be minimal.

Expect the bumper to feature reshaped vents and maybe some mild changes to the engine hood, all in the name of aerodynamics.

But we can see some changes in the rear, like a smoother fascia, a revised integrated spoiler, and a reshaped bumper.

The new Ferrari Portofino should have a more powerful V-8 engine

Spy Shot Alert: 2021 Ferrari Portofino Seen For the First Time! Exterior Spyshots
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The outgoing Ferrari Portofino features a twin-turbo, 3.9-liter V-8 engine. Called the F154, it was introduced in 2014 in the California T and then it found its way in a variety of cars, including the GTC4Lusso, Roma, 488 GTB, F8 Tributo, and SF90 Stradale. In the Portofino, it cranks out 592 horsepower and 561 pound-feet of torque. That’s a lot of oomph, but Ferrari has access to more powerful versions of the twin-turbo V-8.

Spy Shot Alert: 2021 Ferrari Portofino Seen For the First Time! Exterior Spyshots
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The F8 Tributo, for instance, comes with 710 horses and 568 pound-feet on tap, while the Roma benefits from 612 horsepower. Then there’s the SF90 Stradale, which features a 769-horsepower version of the V-8. The revised Portofino will probably come with more power than the old model.

It might not be as powerful as the SF90 Stradale, but its output could match the Roma.

At 612 horsepower, it would boast an extra 20 horses over the outgoing Portofino.

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