We are all primed and ready for the debut of the new generation Porsche 911 / 991 at the 2011 Frankfurt Show, but some friends of ours are still hard at work capturing images of the future sports car in all of its blacked out, camouflaged glory. Their latest sneak peek is of the future Porsche Turbo Coupe shooting down the lane, revealing new rear lights.

The next generation 911 will be about 56mm longer than the current generation, growing to about 4.49 meters. The wheelbase also hit a growth spurt giving the 911 four inches in that department. Its design will chopped up bits of the Panamera and the 918 Spyder concept with larger front wing pontoons, lightly deeper side sills, door-mounted wing mirrors, and a resculpted rear end.

The 2012 Porsche 911 Turbo will more than likely get an output that is a bit higher than the current Turbo model - which delivers 530 HP - so we’re guessing about 550 HP will be on tap. Porsche will also offer both brake regeneration and stop start systems to help reduce fuel consumption by 12%. The new Porsche-Doppelkupplung (PDK) gearbox will also be offered and with no less than seven forward gears, it combines the driving comfort of a converter automatic transmission with the dynamic gearshift of a sequential racing gearbox.


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  (314) posted on 06.3.2011

Is that a prototype? or they just upgrade its version for new and cool parts. I think the regular Porsche 911is good enough. This new version that they’ll try to release, looks the same as the old Porsche.

  (676) posted on 05.30.2011

Yeah, that’s also the same thing that I have heard. But I am really fine with that, since I am more into the regular Porsche rather than all the hybrid stuff that they are promoting.

  (302) posted on 05.30.2011

They said that that Porsche won’t be offering hybrid options for the 911 anymore. If that is true, I find that one a rather odd move. The previous hybrid 911 is actually rather good so I am wondering why they did that.

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