Spy Shots: 2014 BMW M3 Laps the Nurburgring

2015 BMW M3 Exterior Spyshots
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The 2014 BMW M3 has been just about everywhere in the past few weeks, getting dragged through numerous testing grounds to ensure that just about everything is on the up and up. Unfortunately, none of this matters to a certain extent because we won’t be seeing the production version until the Frankfurt Motor Show opens up in 2013. Before that, all we’ll see is a concept version of the BMW M3 as it sashays its way onto the 2013 Geneva Motor Show floor.

These new spy shots show a lot of the front end which has previously been draped in camouflage. The stripping away of the camo hasn’t shown us much, except for a sleeker bumper that makes it look like the old one was smooshed to a thinner state. The shape of the air vents has also been modified just a bit, but not enough to make much difference.

The biggest changes for the M3 can actually be found under the hood. Rumors have been floating around that the V8 engine was dropped in favor of a new inline-six, and this was recently been confirmed by President of BMW North America, Mr. Ludwig Willisch. The only thing that has yet to be confirmed is whether or not this new inline-six will be given a boost with two or three turbochargers. Regardless of the technology, the future M3 will deliver at least 450 HP.


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  (1332) posted on 08.30.2012

Hmm.. They are just making another way of showcasing their cars. I think it’s one part of their marketing strategy.

  (727) posted on 08.17.2012

It looks like the M3 is improving with that particular image. I’d like to see it on its final launch.

  (472) posted on 08.16.2012

Well, 450HP is not bad. At least, M3 has begun their series of testing on major roads and tracks.

  (506) posted on 08.16.2012

It’s just mean to me that they are showcasing their cars in a different way. I think it’s their another way of teasing people to buy their models.

  (466) posted on 08.16.2012

I guess it has the best time on Nurburging, but I think it’s impossible since it’s using only a V8 engine.

  (463) posted on 08.16.2012

What could be the recorded time for the new BMW M3? I have noticed that on the recent weeks, this covered BMW piece is dragging on several roads for a test drive.

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