Spy Shots: 2015 Audi TT Winter Testing

2016 - 2018 Audi TT Exterior Spyshots
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While Audi was busy unveiling details on the next generation TT’s interior at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Audi engineers were busy testing the TT prototypes in chilly conditions in Europe.

The prototype continues to wear heavy camouflage — an indication that its official debut is still months away — but also an obstacle in our attempt to see what the next TT will look like. Despite not seeing much of the new TT’s body, figuring out what it’ll look like won’t be too difficult, as we do not expect the new TT to be considerably different than the current model, except for some styling cues from the first generation.

Audi already announced the new tiny sports coupe will be built on Volkswagen Group’s new MQB platform, which will make it lighter than the current generation. Also, the new TT is expected to deliver increased performance, thanks to a series of new engines, including a new 1.8-liter engine and two different 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engines.

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Spy shots

2016 - 2018 Audi TT Exterior Spyshots
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2016 - 2018 Audi TT Exterior Spyshots
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2016 - 2018 Audi TT Exterior Spyshots
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The prototype caught testing out in the wild still wears lots of camouflage, but we already know from previous reports from Audi that the 2015 TT will carry a familiar look combined with some design elements inspired by the E-tron concepts.

Audi announced the next TT will remind us of the first-generation TT, but with a more modern look. We expect to see same body shape, a new front end with a new grille and headlights. On the rear, we expect to see new taillights and an updated bumper.

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