Spy Shots: 2015 BMW X4 Caught on German Streets

2015 BMW X4 Exterior Spyshots
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The BMW lineup shifting continues beyond the addition of the 2 Series and 4 Series with an all-new crossover SUV that it has dubbed the X4. Positioned just below the existing X6, we expect this SUV to carry the same underpinnings as the X3, as well as its engine lineup here in the U.S., but to feature a body style more similar to the X6.

This was made evident by the X4 concept that BMW unveiled recently and now our spy photographers caught on in action. Our spy shooters caught this miniature X6 testing out in the open on roads in Germany. A less keen eye may have chocked this up as a new X6, but its smaller proportions were a dead giveaway to our photographers’ keen eyes.

Though the 2015 X4 rides on the same platform as the X3, it does sit lower and wider, which means this sporty SUV will likely handle significantly better than its X3 donor. Engines will likely include a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine in the X4 xDrive28i and a 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder with 306 horsepower in the X4 xDrive35i. We may also see an xDrive35is model with a few extra horses.

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Spy Shots

2015 BMW X4 Exterior Spyshots
- image 519913

Up front, we can see that the X4 will not look as extreme as the original concept was. Instead, it will feature a more reserved front apron with relatively standard BMW styling. Though the headlights are pretty well covered, we do assume that we will see them carry the new to-the-grille styling that we’ve seen on recently revamped Bimmer models.

2015 BMW X4 Exterior Spyshots
- image 519915

From the rear three-quarters shot, we can clearly see the X6 inspiration, as the rear window rakes downward into almost a liftback design. Other than that, the backside of the X4 is so heavily camouflaged that we cannot make out any distinguishing characteristics. However, we do expect to see basically a scaled down X6 from the rear.

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