Spy Shots: 2015 Mercedes-Benz SLC AMG (GT AMG) Caught on the Nurburgring

2016 Mercedes-AMG GT Exterior Spyshots
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Our spy photographers have caught the Mercedes C190, which we all know as either the SLC-Class or the GT, testing plenty of times in the past, but this time they caught it in its best form, as it did laps around the Nurburgring.

These images revel very little in the way of new stuff, but we can clearly see that the mule phase is over and the real SLC (GT) is starting to take form. This is evident by the makeshift grille and air intakes in the front apron — these are all to see just how effective they are aerodynamically and for cooling. Of course, they will be refined in production, but these rough drafts at least help with positioning.

The details of the SLC (GT) are still pretty scarce, as we have relied solely on rumors to this point. The rumors are pointing toward this new supercar carrying a V-8 engine that produces anywhere from 485 to 600 horsepower, depending on the model selected, and there will likely be three models to choose from. The top-line model will, of course, be the Black Series.

Rumors also suggest that we will see the SLC Coupe (GT Coupe) arrive in late 2014.

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2015 Mercedes-Benz SLC AMG Spy Shots

2016 Mercedes-AMG GT Exterior Spyshots
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Up front, we can clearly see that Mercedes-Benz is hard at work positioning the air-intakes and grille, which is evident by the very rough cutouts. The headlights, unfortunately, are still very much in their concept form. We can see some interesting aerodynamic pieces on the hood and roof, as there are slight bumps running the length of the hood and roof.

2016 Mercedes-AMG GT Exterior Spyshots
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From the sides, we can see that the SLC (GT) will carry the same cab-rearward format as the current SLS-Class. The stubby trunk features a slight up-ticking spoiler. We can also see that there are a few ominous divots just in front of the doors, which leads us to believe that these will, eventually, be a set of heat extractors.

2016 Mercedes-AMG GT Exterior Spyshots
- image 519773

From the rear, we can better make out that rear spoiler that we assume will raise and lower with the SLC’s speed. We can also see the taillights a little more clearly, but there is still a little camo keeping them a mystery.

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