Spy Shots: BMW M4 Convertible Testing in Scandinavia

2014 BMW M4 Convertible Exterior Spyshots
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While the BMW M3 and M4 models are out, BMW is still testing other models in the 3 and 4 Series lineup, like this M4 hardtop convertible caught testing in the chilly winds of Scandinavia.

Looking past the camo, not much has changed with the M4’s bodywork. The aggressive front fascia, hood and side vents are still present, as well as the rear aero work and quad exhaust. The rear deck lid does seem flatter than the coupe’s, as it meets the folding rear glass at a more forward location. That rear glass is respectably large, making rearward visibility very good and blind spots a nonexistent feature.

We can expect the M4 drop top to share the same underpinnings and powertrain options as the standard M4 — namely its 3.0-liter, TwinPower in-line six that makes a ridiculous 430 horsepower and the choice of a traditional six-speed manual transmission or a swanky seven-speed dual-clutch unit.

Added weight is always a huge consideration when chopping the top, and BMW is likely to have something up its sleeve to keep the weight close to the 3,300-pound M4 coupe. Heavy use of carbon fiber and carbon fiber reinforced plastics will likely find their way into the construction of that mechanical hardtop, while structural rigidity will probably benefit from the same as well.

Expect the standard M4 and M3 to find themselves in dealers beginning this June with the M4 convertible not arriving till later in the year. Pricing, of course, is still up in the air, but we’d guess an $8,000 to $10,000 price hike over the standard M4.

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Spy shots

2014 BMW M4 Convertible Exterior Spyshots
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2014 BMW M4 Convertible Exterior Spyshots
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2014 BMW M4 Convertible Exterior Spyshots
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As expected, the mechanically-folding hardtop looks to be the only real change in the M4’s bodywork.

BMW M4 Convertible rendering

2014 BMW M4 Convertible Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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Our rendering shows the three piece hardtop folded neatly under the hard tonneau cover, giving it a really clean look. It’s likely the hardtop and tonneau cover will be constructed from carbon fiber for added weight savings.

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