Spy Shots: Mazda 6 Wagon testing again; New interior exposed

2014 Mazda6 Interior Spyshots
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Mazda has already spent some time testing the next generation Mazda6 in winter conditions, but now the company is turning up the heat on the wagon version with some hot summer testing. The best part is that our spy photographers managed to catch an interior shot while the vehicle was making its rounds.

It is believed that the next Mazda 6 wagon will be unveiled in August at the 2012 Moscow Motor Show and will be followed by the sedan version next year. As previously reported, the next Mazda 6 design won’t have anything in common with the current generation. Instead, Mazda will take design elements from the beautiful Takeri Concept unveiled at the 2011 Tokyo Car Show. This means that the next Mazda 6 will get a new, bigger grille, swept back headlights, and beefed up wheel arches. These elements will offer the next Mazda 6 a sporty and aggressive look.

The interior, now clearly shown in these images, has been altered a bit to make the Mazda 6 more driver friendly. Drivers will now get a clearer look at the navigation screen, as it has been moved further up where the radio, clock, and temperature gauges used to be. Glimmers of light throughout the shot reveal that Mazda has used more chrome trims on this model year, particularly on the dials, gauges, and steering wheel.

Also, for the next Mazda 6, the company will adopt new Skyactiv fuel saving technology, including the Skyactiv-D Clean diesel engine, the new six-speed automatic transmission, and an engine start-stop system. For the first time, the model will also be equipped with a regenerative braking system which converts kinetic energy into electricity during braking and stores it in capacitors for use later in powering electrical equipment such as air conditioning, lighting, and the audio system.


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  (248) posted on 08.22.2012

Its interior is now clearly shown in the image. It has been modified to make 6 Wagon more driver-friendly.

  (201) posted on 08.21.2012

Good thing Mazda is experimenting on how they could improve their car models. Switching to make a good wagon is really a good idea.

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