• Spy Shots: Smart ForFour Reveals its Interior

Things seem to be coming together for smart with the development of its all-new forfour subcompact four-seater. The last we saw of the little city car, it was trudging through the snow in a video actually released by smart. This time, the images come by way of our spy photographers. They have caught detailed images of the forfour, along with its revised interior.

You may recall that smart is developing the forfour in conjunction with Renault. The French automaker’s version will share the same basic design and functionality, but will serve as the company’s third-generation Twingo. Both the Twingo and forfour will have a rear-mounted engine and transaxle that powers the rear wheels.

While the exterior is still tightly wrapped in swirly camo, many of the exterior details are still visible. It’s plainly a four-door car with a small hood and even smaller boot. Though storage space is at a premium, the interior will likely be a decent place to travel about in town in relative comfort.

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2015 Smart ForFour Details

Spy Shots: Smart ForFour Reveals its Interior Interior Spyshots
- image 556191

Ok, so it’s a picture of the interior, but one that’s covered in detail-obscuring black blankets. However, there are a few details not totally hidden. For one, a digital gauge cluster is visible behind the steering wheel. It will likely be somewhat customizable to display various functions. Second, that leather-wrapped steering wheel looks rather nice for a somewhat down-market car. Its thick rim even features nice thumb grooves and shapely hand-holds at 10 and 2.

Next is the center console’s infotainment screen. It appears to be a decent size — perhaps around the size of an iPad Mini. Down below that are the likely spots for HVAC controls with a spot for odds and ends just forward of the gear selector. Speaking of the transmission, it’s plainly an automatic unit with a gate for manual shifting.

As far as amenities, the smart forfour appears to have a decent number of steering wheel controls to go along with the digital gauge cluster, though it appears a keyless enter-and-go system is not present — notice the old-school keys dangling from the steering column.

Besides the appearances, the car is said to come with a three-cylinder engine with two optional output specifications. The non-turbo model will produce somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 horsepower and the turbocharged version will spike around 90. We’re also expecting a diesel and fully electric model to come down the line as well.

We can expect to see the smart forfour debut at the Paris Motor Show coming up in October. Sadly, smart hasn’t given any hits regarding the forfour making its way into the U.S. If it ever does, expect the turbocharged three-cylinder to be the only option.

Why It Matters

Small cars like the forfour and Twingo are immensely important in European and Asian countries where the small streets and high fuel prices almost necessitate having such a compact vehicle. What’s more, with the addition of a new model in the smart lineup, perhaps the company can expand its dwindling sales from the aging ForTwo ultra-compact city car.

Spy Shots

Spy Shots: Smart ForFour Reveals its Interior Exterior Spyshots
- image 556186
Spy Shots: Smart ForFour Reveals its Interior Exterior Spyshots
- image 556189
Spy Shots: Smart ForFour Reveals its Interior Interior Spyshots
- image 556192
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