Spy Shots: Take a glimpse at the Porsche Macan’s interior

2015 - 2017 Porsche Macan Exterior Spyshots
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In the past few weeks, Porsche has been busy developing both the 918 Spyder and the upcoming Cayenne Junior - aka Macan. Today, our spy photographers have caught the car testing one more time, and luckily, they have also managed to take the first shots of the interior.

The interior images aren’t as clear as all of us would like them to be, but they are still enough to see that the next Macan will be stuffed with all of the latest technology. Some of these elements may even be borrowed from the new Boxster’s interior, including the information on the on-board computer, communication, audio settings, and the navigation system being displayed on a high-resolution TFT color screen. Other elements include a 3-spoke sports steering wheel and all kinds of leather goodness.

As for the engines to be used in the next Macan, Porsche has already confirmed that the SUV will get a 370 HP 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine for the Turbo version, as well as a new four-cylinder engine with an output of about 220 HP. There will also be a diesel version for markets like Europe, and a hybrid version that could combine a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine with an electric motor.

The new Porsche Macan will go into production in 2013, so we should get tons more information before that time comes. Stay tuned!


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  (384) posted on 09.11.2012

I like the Macan’s improved and innovative interior with features that is up to date.

  (762) posted on 09.10.2012

Take Google Image where you can clearly see the Porsche Macan’s interior. Check it out guys.

  (460) posted on 09.6.2012

They should not post some interior images if it’s not worth to look at.

  (666) posted on 09.6.2012

Dot they have another closer image of this Macan? I can’t see what’s good on its interior.

  (306) posted on 09.5.2012

Its interior is not clear. I don’t see the details and components on its cabin.

  (345) posted on 09.4.2012

I don’t understand why they are still featuring that so simple car against those that have great designs and concepts.

  (532) posted on 08.24.2012

I’ve just seemed the LCD, and the other are just on a dim location. It’s not a good shot anyway.

  (328) posted on 08.23.2012

They don’t have the clear image of the Macan’s interior, I guess they are not yet prepared to have the cabin be on the eyes on the public.

  (517) posted on 08.22.2012

Maybe it’s only a teaser. I don’t think this type of interior concept would have a grandeur release. I think they know it too.

  (507) posted on 08.13.2012

Because of this spy shot, I have realized how the interior components have become filled with simplicity with natural elegance.

  (596) posted on 08.13.2012

What’s new to its interior? It’s still lacking on some latest components.

  (765) posted on 08.6.2012

The interior is not that clear for me. I can’t see the details on its cabin. The feature is not that appealing.

  (648) posted on 08.5.2012

Unfortunately, I don’t see a certain point where its consumers will see its natural charm. The features are very minimal.

  (594) posted on 08.3.2012

Oh Cool! They finally have the chance on taking a shot of the Macan’s cabin. It’s good that the latest technology is stuffed and will add more on their next model. This is a must-wait for me.

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