While the compact SUV Volvo XC60 is still just at the stage of the concept, for its big sisters Volvo V70 and XC70 things are not the same.The cars will leave very quickly the factory and take places in the market.The base of the new models will be the more expensive volvo S80 instead of the S60.

Spy Shots:Volvo XC70
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In fact, there is not smoke without fire, the recent special series of V70 and XC70 mark the end of a generation and the imminent arrival of another. 

After we show you pics with the XC70 some time ago, here are new detailes of the final version , photos with all the angles of the XC70 captured at the end line of assembly. 

The drivetrain has been lifted directly out of the larger S80 sedan, so we have to expect the same turbo units as well as a 315hp V8 combined with AWD in a range topping model.

Spy Shots:Volvo XC70
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The car shares much of the S80’s interior as well including instrument panel, door sides and the same three level specifications.

The XC70’s exterior shows some truckish cues, shiny accents around the fog lamps and also along the rockers.

The sales of this Swidish car will start towards the end of the year, after the XC70 will probably be officially revealed at this year’s New York Auto Show

Spy Shots:Volvo XC70
- image 126539

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pdaix  (434) posted on 01.11.2007

indeed they pushed it a bit far with the rear end. Especially the bumper reflector that are surrounded by body paint...

I think Volvo lover with have to wait a bit more to look good in their favorite car smiley

Lucca  (27) posted on 01.11.2007

that rear end is so ugly
nice find on the pix tho

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