• Spyker prepares C8 Aileron for Le Mans GT1 competition

The GT field will look a little different in the 2010 Le Mans Series because a few teams will be both moving up and down in class. The Corvette Racing Team, hot off their GT1 win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, will be stepping down into the GT2 category in order to compete on the track with the same vehicles that the production car competes with in showrooms. Meanwhile, the Dutch super car builder Spyker, who has been competing in the GT2 category since 2002, has bigger dreams of entering their new C8 Aileron as a GT1 racecar.

The new C8 super car will make its production car debut at the Geneva Motor Show early next year, but on the racetrack the Spyker Squadron plans on entering two machines, while a privateer team will handle the older C8 Laviolette.

The C8 Aileron is powered by an Audi sourced 4.2 Liter engine that delivers 400 HP and will be available with two transmission options. The first is a 6 speed manual gearbox built by Getrag with a set of gear ratios perfectly matched to the FSI powered eight cylinder. If you want to shift your Spyker with paddles, you get a ZF 6 speed automatic. The Spyker C8 Aileron can go from 0 to 60 MPH in 4.5 seconds and hit a top speed of 187 MPH.


Source: MotorsportBlog

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  (231) posted on 07.1.2009

I think you are right with that obeservation Taladega, as the C8 Aileron’s dimensions have been optimised for more interior space and to accommodate the optional automatic gearbox. Compared to the short wheelbase of the firstgeneration cars - the Spyker C8 Laviolette and C8 Spyder - the wheelbase of the C8 Aileron is 150 mm longer, also providing for more driving comfort and stability at high speeds.

  (289) posted on 07.1.2009

The Spyker C8 Aileron’s all-aluminium space frame was completely redesigned from scratch with the
objective to increase torsional rigidity and to incorporate an all-new suspension system. These
characteristics provide an ideal foundation for enhanced vehicle dynamics. I think it was really built for that intention—to master the Le Mans GT1 and make a lasting impression in the car market!

  (318) posted on 07.1.2009

That is true and in fact, alerion refers to the device that makes an aircraft turn and symbolizes the turning point that the Aileron is for Spyker: the car which will turn the company towards long-awaited profitability. This is the dream, this is the hope for this car, that is why they are putting it on fire even before it goes on production!

  (314) posted on 07.1.2009

The C8 Aileron’s design is heavily inspired by Spyker’s aviation heritage, as was the case with all previous models, but with a clear emphasis on the second-generation aircraft propulsion: the turbine rather than the propeller that adorned so many elements of the first-generation cars. Similarly the “Aileron” name pays tribute to that aviation heritage. I hope this success happens in the Le Mans GT 1 cmopetition!

  (421) posted on 07.1.2009

Wow, I love Spykers, but this one is amazing the longer lines fix the few small issues I had with the design and to see this car compete for the Le Mans GT1 competition will be surely exciting and I can wait to see how this this super charged car translate that 187 MPH into race track success

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