After the let down announcement that they will drop the V12 engine from their upcoming Peking-Paris SUV, the founder and CEO of the Dutch automaker Spyker, Victor Muller has announced that his company will develop a four-door coupe. The Spyker Sedan will compete with other high-edn four seaters like the Maserati Quattroporte, Porsche Panamera, Aston Martin Rapide, and the future Bugatti Royale.

For now the vehicle will be known as the E8, and the company hopes that the future sedan will be able to maximize profits and inflate sales for the Dutch supercar builder.

However, until the E8 becomes a reality we will have to settle for their other four passenger racketship, the D8 Peking-to-Paris that will be unveiled at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.


Source: Le Blog Auto

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