Spyker preparing to increase production substantially over coming years

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We’re all familiar with the Spyker name, so much so that we’re under the impression that the tiny company actually produced at least 50 units annually. However, the company’s CEO Victor Muller recently confirmed that Spyker only produced 12 new cars in 2011, a figure very similar to the amount of cars which Pagani produced in the same time period.

However, Muller isn’t going to let those relatively unimpressive numbers dissuade him, as he wants the company to continue to grow in the coming years and with Saab now completely split from Spyker, it’s the perfect time for Muller to look into strategies to expand the company.

Unfortunately, Spyker’s failed attempt to acquire Saab did affect their car production to such an extent that production has pretty much skidded to a stop. Consequently, Muller is currently looking for an investment of $32 million to restart production, and if all goes well Muller hopes that Spyker can produce upwards of 1,000 cars annually in the coming years.

If Spyker does manage to find this much required investment, then its model line could also be increased to accommodate the 2006 D12 Peking-To-Paris SUV Concept and with luxury SUVs seemingly being the talk of the town recently, the company could be onto a winner if it does put the D12 into production.

The biggest thing standing in the way of Muller achieving these aims may be his inability to receive the necessary funds. Unsurprisingly, after his failed attempt to run Saab and failed attempt to run his own Formula 1 team, firms are understandably apprehensive about whether or not he can deliver on his claims.


Source: De Telegraaf

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