If you needed any proof that China has become the number one auto market in the world, consider that even the niche supercar makers of the western world have all taken the first steps in entering the same Chinese market that moved past the US last year as the auto market equivalent of nirvana.

The latest automaker to begin entering the Chinese auto market is Spyker, after the Swedish company signed an agreement with the China Automobile Trading Company - the number one importer of foreign cars in the country - to become the official importer of Spyker vehicles in China. As is customary in China, the agreement is still subject to government approval before the deal is officially sealed.

Spyker CEO, Victor Muller, is optimistic that in a country that accounted for 13.64 million cars sold in 2009, there should be plenty of room for Spyker to sell its vehicular fleet which includes supercars, luxury SUVs, and luxury commercial vehicles.


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  (1211) posted on 12.16.2010

That is what I find annoying. They sold it for 200million like wow... to me in my eyes that is a steal and a half for tooling and rights to 2 cars!

  (648) posted on 05.4.2010

Well it’s time for the Chinese to shine. China is becoming more richer and richer. I hope they’ll use their money properly.

  (291) posted on 05.3.2010

This car is so appealing and no doubt this car has its uniqueness. Well, I hope Chinese wont copy or clone this car.

  (859) posted on 05.3.2010

Huh? china again? to be honest china’s road or highway is in need of widening. The traffic condition there is very high.

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