After they purchase the MidLand F1 team last year they now want to take-over Lotus. The Dutch producer of fast and luxurious cars, has plan to incorporate Lotus in so the productions of the Spyker-model to move to England. The source of this rumor came right from Spyker Cars. Spyker CEO Victor Muller made an understanding with Lotus officials during a recently secret meeting in England.

Spyket to take control over Lotus
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This agreement let the door opened for further negotiations between the two makers. Muller denied such conversations, but there are sources that say the agreement has already been signed. The interest of Muller for the British car group is not new. A few years ago he has shown such interest for the production line of Lotus. This is however the first time when we heard for some concrete steps made by Spyker to take-over Lotus.
Also GM and Volkswagen are interested in purchasing Lotus, so Spyker has to come with a big pocket in order to succeed. The present financial situation of Spyker is far of beeing favorable. Before this month they signed a credit agreement with a Luxembourg-based investment firm Trafalgar Capital.

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