SRT Begins Sale of the Track Pack for the SRT Viper

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SRT announced that once the 2013 Viper was put on sale, customers would also be able to choose the new Track Pack that reduces a total of 62 pounds from the car’s total weight. The new package can be ordered for both the standard Viper and top-of-the-range Viper GTS model.

The new Track Pack includes ultra-high-performance Pirelli Corsa tires, two-piece brake rotors, and lightweight wheels sized 18-by-10.5 inches on the front and 19 inches-by-13 inches on the rear.

The car’s braking system includes brand-new brake cooling vents specially designed to offer maximum cooling and increase the downforce. The new brake rotors weight 8 pounds less than the ones offered in the standard Viper, so that the new braking system offered in the Track Pack sheds 32 of the 62 pounds. The other 30 pounds are dropped through the use of the lighter wheels and tires.

The new Track Pack is priced at $3,500.


Source: GT Spirit

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