Most CEOs prefer to do their jobs from a desk in a high-up corner office with a breathtaking view of their surroundings. SRT CEO Ralph Gilles, however, prefers a different approach. See, the man tasked with developing the new Viper GTS sports car is as hands-on with the project as he can be.

So hands-on, in fact, that Gilles doesn’t mind rolling up his own sleeves, heading over to the SRT factory, and, with the help of SRT team leader, Tony Banks, holds his own in putting in work to build the sports car.

Of course, it’s worth noting that Gilles is building the SRT Viper that will soon grace his own driveway, so it’s safe to assume that he’s going to the extra mile to ensure that his Viper is built with no stone left unturned.

Either way, it’s pretty cool seeing the head man of a company not caring about getting down and dirty to help out his employees. That’s some strong leadership right there.


Source: GT Spirit

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