SRT Slashes Viper’s Production Volume Due to Low Sales

2014 SRT Viper High Resolution Exterior
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When SRT decided to bring back the Viper, the hope was that the sports car would usher in a new era for the famed model.

But so far, all the expectations have turned into nothing more than disappointment because the Viper isn’t selling as fast as SRT and Chrysler would have wanted.

According to Automotive News, Chrysler has taken the surprising step of cutting back on production of the sports car because of sputtering sales. The original plan was to produce 2,000 units annually, but after eight months in dealerships, the company has only sold 426 units, leaving 565 unsold units in stock, representing a 289-day supply.

Despite the car’s sales struggles, SRT CEO, Ralph Giles, is still confident that the Viper’s sales will eventually pick up early next year, but it certainly goes without saying that this development is a huge blow to the stature of the Viper.

It shouldn’t come down to this for one of America’s greatest sports cars, but the fact that it has should give the company cause to pause on why consumers just aren’t as bullish on the sports car as they once were.

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2014 SRT Viper

2014 SRT Viper High Resolution Exterior
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One of the fanciest American sports cars in modern time, the SRT Viper is built to look good while also boasting the power that can give you goosebumps. That typically what happens when you have an 8.4-liter, V-10 engine that hits 640 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque, allowing the sports car to hit 60 mph in the low-three-second range, while also boasting of a top speed of 206 mph.

Why it’s not selling as fast as Chrysler and SRT hoped it would is a mystery, although the car’s gas-guzzling stature could be one reason you can look into.

Source: Auto News

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