SRT Starts Shipping the 2013 Viper

2013 SRT Viper Exterior AutoShow
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Back in January it was announced that deliveries for the 2013 SRT Viper would be delayed in order to obtain desired perfection. Back then it was rumored that deliveries would begin in mid-February, but it took until now for the company to start shipping the new Viper.

Finally, the first batch of 800 Vipers have left the automaker’s Detroit Conner Assembly plant last Sunday. This plant can only develop a total of 14 units a day because developing such a model is "really a laborious process."

The first 800 units were delivered using at least 10 trucks and most of them will arrive to U.S.-based customers.

The first Viper was auctioned for a pediatric cancer charity and the second one went to SRT brand chief, Ralph Gilles, who drove it to the New York Auto Show. He opted for a white exterior because "it’s easy to maintain, doesn’t show any scratches, looks good for years."


Source: DetroitNews

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