Whenever we refer to the car that holds the world record for top speed, this is the one. Not the car model, but the actual current record holding car is up for sale on eBay.

This 2007 Shelby Super Coupe Ultimate Aero made a 257 mph pass on a remote road in Washington (the full run averaged to 255.83 mph), and went into the record books. While the 2007 car’s 1180 hp twin turbo V8 is impressive, SSC has upped the power for 2009 to 1287 hp.

The auction is currently up to over half a million dollars, and the reserve is still not yet met. Then again, the winner not only get a car that’s faster than a Bugatti Veyron, but also gets a certificate from Guinness World Records as well as a nifty commemorative watch too.


Source: eBay

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