The highly-anticipated arrival of the Bugatti Veyron slayer, the SSC Ultimate Aero II, is fast approaching. We’ve seen a few spy photos of the America supercar, but now it looks like Top Gear Magazine may have done all of us better. A lot better.

In the October issue of Top Gear, the magazine was given full access by Shelby Supercars to get as much load as they can on the Ultimate Aero II, the one car that is expected to make a run at the Veyron Supersport speed record for a production car.

Needless to say, we’re all geeked up to see the American powerhouse in action, and while the sight of the Jason Castriota-designed machine is still a ways away, we can take comfort in salivating over the new photos of the Ultimate Aero II that will make their way to the October issue of Top Gear magazine.


Source: Top Gear

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  (647) posted on 09.12.2010

Late last Friday I saw a video of this car having a test run on some long straight road and it was a success, now I’m not shocked that it made its way into the cover of TopGear.

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