Earlier this year, SSC Autos announced their intention of breaking the world speed record. And the latest result are showing that this is about to happen.

SSC lately tested the Ultimate Aero TT on May 22nd, when the car reached a top speed of 241.4 mph. The testing needed to be ended due to an unanticipated snowstorm. But the results of the tests make the company confident in the Ultimate Aero TT’s capability to break the world production speed record.

At 230 mph, the Ultimate Aero TT boasted nearly 1183 bhp.

The testing session confirmed the stability that the Ultimate Aero TT demonstrated at NASA’s Langely wind tunnel, which had previously shown the car stable up to speeds of 273 mph. During Thursday’s session, test equipment verified that front to rear downforce percentages and drag coefficients were well within the engineering specifications set by the figures posted at Langely.

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