SSC Unleashes the Tuatara’s Exquisite Interior

2014 SSC Tuatara High Resolution Interior
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SSC’s answer to Bugatti’s record breaking Veyron came in the form of the ultra-fast and expertly designed Tuatara released about a year ago. This supercar boasts of an insane quad-cam, twin-turbo 6.8L V8 barreling out a colossal 1350HP and a proposed top speed of 275 mph! Basically, this car is shaping up to be a heart-stopping, Veyron-slaying super car of epic proportions, and now we can match the killer looks and power with the advanced interior recently developed by SSC.

This futuristic interior was developed following the aerospace design found on the exterior. In fact, many of the interior elements found on the Tuatara resemble specific elements of the exterior. For example, the two small, informational HUD displays situated on the left and right of the driver are inspired by the Tuatara’s rear winglets and the central AC vents were inspired by the Tuatara’s twin central exhausts. The holes pattern on the top of the central console area are inspired by the hole patterns on the Tuatara’s exterior body panels and the door pulls even have their exterior counterpart in the flying buttresses from the rear sides of the car.

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Design aside, the Tuatara’s interior was built for optimum information gathering. The HUD displays previously mentioned are joined by a main gauge cluster area that is in fact a glass screen is lit up by Pico projectors and is similar to a HUD (Heads Up Display). The right HUD will offer information on the current gear of the car, while the left HUD will let the driver choose the info he needs using a menu on the central command console.

2014 SSC Tuatara Interior
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A "Start" button will initiate a clockwise-motion lighting sequence on the red lights located around the start button. When all these lights turn on the engine will start. The central console features buttons located near the touch screen and help the driver to control functions like traction control, driving modes, etc.

Even the front passenger can stay well-informed in the Tuatara as SSC has included two small screens that provide him details on the current speed, RPM, or BHP.

2014 SSC Tuatara Interior
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One of the best features of the interior, however, is the seven-speed H-pattern manual gear shift designed after classic exotics. An automatic unit will also be offered in a steering column mounted seven-speed paddle shifter.

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