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Stang vs Stang: Shelby GT500 vs Mustang GT (Compilation)

Witness the performance difference between these Mustangs taking on the 1/4 mile in a series of head-to-head racess

While it might be thrilling to watch a purpose-built dragster or a funny car tear up the quarter-mile, I’m sure that some of you want to know about the performance cars that are far more attainable to the average Joe, and the Mustang certainly fits that bill. Here is a compilation video by Drag Racing And Car Stuff, that shows these Muscle cars, more specifically the Shelby GT 500 and the Mustang GT go head-to-head.

There is no denying the fact that they’re both thoroughbred pony cars. This video shows us the real-world performance difference between two very different flavors of Mustang. P.S.: we also have a few bonus rounds in the end.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Stang vs Stang: Shelby GT500 vs Mustang GT (Compilation)
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Its always nice to see what more attainable cars can do on track

With most cars in this video attacking the dragstrip, it is very likely that some of - if not all of them - have been tinkered with. I could see a couple of them rocking Hoosier rubber. As I can’t confirm the exact specs, I’m going to run with the baseline figures here. The Mustang GT500 packs a Supercharged 5.2-liter V-8 engine that produces 700 horses and 650 pound-feet of torque.

It makes use of a cross cross-plane plank and that definitely helps it sound rather good. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission which is pretty high-tech.

Ford Mustang GT

Stang vs Stang: Shelby GT500 vs Mustang GT (Compilation)
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While the Mustang GT 350 is down on power when compared to the GT500, don’t dismiss it just yet, as the GT also packs a potent 5.0-liter V-8 with a flat plane-crank that produces 480 ponies and 420 pound-feet of torque. The GT employs a six-speed manual transmission which should definitely make things livelier from behind the wheel.

The Races

Out on the track, it comes as no surprise that the GT500 dominated pretty much most, if not all the races, in this compilation video with nearly three seconds between the two Mustangs. Of the dozen or so races in this clip, the fastest time that a stock GT500 clocked was 10.25 seconds at 144 mph.

Bonus Round

Stang vs Stang: Shelby GT500 vs Mustang GT (Compilation)
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Made of of a couple of Lambo Huracan’s

Meanwhile, a bunch of heavily modified Shelby GT 500s went up against supercars like the Audi R8, a pair of Lamborghini Huracans, and a Nissan GT-R R35. The fastest ¼ mile pass that a modified Shelby GT 500 punched in was 9.19 seconds at 159.4 mph.

To Sum It Up

Stang vs Stang: Shelby GT500 vs Mustang GT (Compilation)
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The out-of-the-box performance of these Ford Muscle cars is pretty impressive, but the Shelby GT500 clearly seems to have the edge here. As I mentioned earlier, these are cars that are by no means exotic, but fast and attainable? Hell yeah! Throw in some after-market performance parts and you can take it up to a 11 with these cars. If you want a more in-depth overview of how these two Mustangs differ, you can check out the video below.

Difference Between Shelby GT5000 & Mustang GT

You can catch this compilation of Mustang Head-to-head in the video below

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