For a pretty penny, you can give your child Morgan’s new toy

Just when you thought that finding different ways to get children engaged in motor racing had run its course, here comes Morgan with a literal vehicle that’s designed specifically for kids. It’s officially called the Morgan EV3 Junior, and it is a true sight to behold.

Before anybody starts questioning the build quality of the EV3 Junior, it’s worth mentioning that this is an actual Morgan, albeit shrunk in size for kids six years or older. It’s got a legitimate carbon fiber body, a wooden dashboard, and a little windscreen. Heck, it even has a hand-stitched leather interior, which I’m pretty sure you won’t see on any Tonka or Little Tykes toy cars.

But here’s the best part about the EV3 Junior: it also has a fully electric powertrain that’s capably of speeds of up to 10 miles per hour. Remember the electric McLaren P1 that McLaren unveiled last year? Its top speed was limited to three mph. Yep, this is the only time in automotive history that you’ll ever hear the words “a Morgan is three times faster than a McLaren” without actually lying about it.

Apart from the impressive build quality and performance credentials of the EV3 Junior, the little Morgan also comes in a choice of three standard colors: Sport Green, Sport Ivory, and Sport Red. If you’re not digging any of the three colors, you can opt to pay a little extra and dress up the car in any color that the British automaker has in its lineup. Even better, Morgan’s also offering sticker packs in case you want to class up the personalization of the car.

All told, the Morgan EV3 Junior is as good as it gets as far as legitimate junior cars are concerned. It’s got a pretty steep cost of $8,432, but for what you’re getting with that amount, I’d say it’s worth some serious consideration.

Those interested in the Morgan EV3 Junior can avail it through a number of means, including through MOrgan’s online shop, any Morgan dealership, or directly from the company’s factory in the UK.

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This is how you spoil your kids into loving cars

Start Your Kids Early With Morgan's Kid-Sized Three-Wheeler High Resolution Exterior
- image 705023
Start Your Kids Early With Morgan's Kid-Sized Three-Wheeler High Resolution Exterior
- image 705025

With apologies to the admittedly cool electric McLaren P1 for kids, this is the kind of car that I’d want my child to drive. Now I don’t have any kids at the moment, but if I do, the Morgan EV3 Junior Three-Wheeler immediately vaults up to the top of my list as a must-have gift for my little one.

Everything about it is cool. It looks cool for starters. It also has an electric powertrain with enough jolt in it to help the car speed to up to 10 mph. On top of all that, Morgan even treated it like an actual car, dressing it up in quality materials while also ensuring that it’s safe for the kids to drive.

Start Your Kids Early With Morgan's Kid-Sized Three-Wheeler High Resolution Exterior
- image 705029

About the only downside is the price, which is incredibly expensive for a toy car. Then again, with all the work Morgan put into making the EV3 Junior look as legitimate as it is, I can’t blame the company for asking for that number. I just wish that by the time I do have a child, I can afford getting one of these toy cars without bleeding my bank account dry.

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