Steve McQueen was, and is still considered to be, one of the icons of the auto industry. Sure, he didn’t design cars, nor did he start an auto company, but his indelible mark on all of us was that he was one of those Hollywood royalties that also knew how to handle his business behind the wheel of a race car.

His legendary movie, Le Mans, will always be a conversation-piece for us so it figures that some of the items that were used in that movie would fetch a pretty dollar if they went up for auction. That’s where this two-piece Gulf Racing suit comes into the picture. Not only was this piece of fabric used in the movie, but it was actually worn by McQueen himself. After being donated by the Observer to a lucky fan back in 1972 - a 12-year old won it during a competition - the suit now finds itself as one of the prize catches at the Profiles in History’s "Icons of Hollywood" auction.

Remarkably, the suit remains in tip-top condition and comes with all the trinkets and sponsor patches that were used in the movie, including the American flag, the Gulf logo, Heuer Chronograph and Firestone sponsor patches, and even Michael Delany’s name stitched on the right hand side.

The auction will take place on December 15-17, 2011 and experts have priced the suit at around $200,000 to $300,000, a hefty price tag for a classic racing suit that has a pretty interesting story behind it.

We wonder if the suit still has McQueen’s sweat stains on it...


Source: Profiles in History

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  (459) posted on 01.9.2012

I think the suit has been on a dry clean. smiley Anyway, is there no updated news about it? I wonder what is the final auction price for McQueen’s suit. $300,000 is a hefty price indeed.

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