Steve-O and Tom Green jump on their producer`s Lamborghini Murcielago

We’ve seen Lamborghini’s crash into barriers, and burst into flames, but never have we seen two people blatantly jump on top of one and dance on it with no regard for the car’s value and price tag.

Apparently, that’s what Steve-O (the Jackass dude) and Tom Green did to a poor Murcielago. We cringe at a lot of things but this video absolutely leaves us mortified. Jumping on a car is one thing – we don’t condone it, by the way – but jumping on a car that’s worth about half a million dollars is just downright stupid. But being stupid is what these two guys do best and the unfortunate Murcielago had to pay a steep price for it.

Fortunately for these two knuckleheads, the owner of this car – at least according to TMZ – is their rap producer so at least we won’t be seeing a good ol’ fashion smackdown. But then again, this is a Murcielago we’re talking about so we won’t be surprised if Mr. Producer puts the stompin’ on his clients.

If we we’re him, we’d be reaching for a baseball bat already.


Source: TMZ

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