Singer’s historic supercar sells for $800,000 at the Barrett-Jackson auction

Steven Tyler has finally found a buyer for his Hennessey Venom GT Spyder. The front man of Aerosmith, who bought the first production Venom GT Spyder back in 2012, is now parting with his history-making supercar after the Venom GT Spyder fetched a cool $800,000 at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scotsdale, Arizona over the weekend.

In addition to taking ownership of the 1,200-horsepower supercar, the winning bidder also gets a guitar signed by Tyler and his Aerosmith bandmates to go with a week’s vacation at the rock icon’s beach house in Maui. Not a bad deal, all things considered.

The guitar and the vacation are nice dressings, but the real highlight here is the Venom GT Spyder, which Tyler paid $1.1 million for back in 2012. It’s one of only five models that Hennessey built for the 2013 model year and it’s the very first convertible version of the American company’s supercar-slaying Venom GT supercar. Beyond the fact that it can spit out 1,200 horsepower and 1,155 pound-feet of torque, the Venom GT Spyder is capable of hitting 0 to 60 mph in just 2.7 before peaking at an insane top speed of 270 mph. Record or not, that’s speed that’s going to make the new owner’s teeth melt.

All things considered, the $800,000 winning bid is going to a worthy cause as all proceeds from the auction of the Venom GT Spyder is going to Tyler’s own charity, Janie’s Fund, which helps support abused and neglected women. The final amount may not have approached the $1.1 million that Tyler was looking to get from the sale, but the amount is still significant enough to help out the beneficiaries of the auction.

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Winning bid is a good sum to pay for a five-year old supercar that can still crack a whip

Steven Tyler's Hennessey Venom GT Spyder Fetches A Tidy Sum Auction
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Remember when news broke that Steven Tyler placed an order for the first Hennessey Venom GT Spyder? That was big news then because the Venom GT had just served notice to the supercar world that it meant serious business. Five years later and Tyler appears to be ready to move on from the Venom GT Spyder.

Far be it for me to question the reason behind Tyler’s decision to sell his prized supercar, but it just feels like the American rock icon is letting go of the Venom GT Spyder so quickly. Maybe he’s gotten his fill of it or maybe he just wants to help raise money for Janie’s Fund. I’m not going to question the man’s reasons for doing so. Besides, all the money that was raised is going to a worthy cause. That’s something that’s more important than going 270 mph on a strip of airport tarmac.

Hopefully, the people who run Janie’s Fund put that all of that money to good use. It’s always a worthy endeavor to help and support abused and neglected women. The fact that they’re the biggest beneficiaries of this auction should make the loss of Tyler’s Venom GT Spyder easier to accept.

As far as the lucky winner goes, here’s to hoping that he takes good care of the Venom GT Spyder. Just as important, I hope he enjoys that week-long vacation in Tyler’s beach house in Maui. Spending a week with one of the most legendary American rockers of all time sounds like a ball of fun, in more ways than one.

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