Top Gear has a very special brand of humor, especially when it comes to the Stig. For the last decade or so, the Stig has slowly been honed into a fun and unique character for the show. To celebrate Top Gears milestone of hitting 15 million likes on Facebook, the team decided to pull the Stig out of his special bunker to celebrate.

If you want to know what happens you need to press “play” and just watch. Sadly there is no real other way to explain it. It’s odd and strange, but I expect nothing less from that crew of hooligans at the Dunsfold airfield. All I can say is that there were in fact no birds hurt during the making of this video, but there may have been an injured badger.

Speaking of crazy Facebook stuff, the TopSpeed Facebook page has less than 29 thousand likes. That makes us all sad. Why don’t you click this link and give our Facebook page a like too. I promise we will do something equally silly and/or epic when we hit some big milestones.

Maybe I will do a giant burnout in front of Justin’s house at 2 a.m. or something.


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