Stock Chevy Specials: ’69 Camaro ZL1 Drags ’69 L88 C3 Vette
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Stock Chevy Specials: ’69 Camaro ZL1 Drags ’69 L88 C3 Vette

Did the ZL1 catch the Vette by the 1/4 mile? Let’s find out

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It would have been some sight to have caught these two Chevys side by side at a dealership back in the late 60s. If you didn’t then here they are, going up against each other in a factory stock head-to-head. Let’s look at the numbers on these super rare cars.

1969 Chevrolet Corvette L88

Stock Chevy Specials: '69 Camaro ZL1 Drags '69 L88 C3 Vette
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What you’re looking at folks is, one of just 116 C3 Vettes to feature the L88 engine. Its 427ci V-8 was originally rated at 430 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque, but in reality, it was actually putting 550 ponies and 470 pound-feet. It had a compression ratio of 12. While a 4-speed manual transmission was on offer, this one packs a 3-speed auto. 3.08 rear gears were standard, but this car has been upgraded to 4.56 rear gears. The C3 Vette tips the scales at 3454 pounds.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Stock Chevy Specials: '69 Camaro ZL1 Drags '69 L88 C3 Vette
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Meanwhile, in the blue corner, you’ve got another Chevy also from 1969, this one has the ZL1 badge on it, the Camaro. Only 69 examples were produced in 1969. The engine in the ZL1 Camaro shares a lot with the L88, but crucially, it had an aluminum block. The ZL1 was also rated at 430 horses and 450 lb-ft of torque. The Camaro also has a 3-speed auto. Rear gearing from the factory was 4.10. The curb weight of the ZL1 is 3300 pounds. Throw in a driver and it should weigh almost the same last the Vette.

The Race

'69 Vette L88 '69 Camaro ZL1
1/4 Mile Time 11.00 11.05
Speed 125.17 mph 124.07 mph

Final Thoughts

Stock Chevy Specials: '69 Camaro ZL1 Drags '69 L88 C3 Vette
- image 1068490
Drivers in both cars had razor-sharp RTs, but the Vette somehow managed to put its nose ahead

Well, as you saw, it was a pretty evenly matched battle between these two, and that comes as no surprise considering that the engines in both cars have a lot in common. On another note, pure stock doesn’t mean bone stock, it means almost stock where owners can add some mods within the rules stipulated by the PSMCDR.

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