The Stola Group will be bringing a concept car to Geneva 2007 that unequivocally asserts the company’s maturity as a producer of limited series of extremely exclusive niche motor cars.

The Italian group’s proposal for this 77th edition of the Geneva motor show is a model best defined as “100% made in Stola”, an imposing, spectacular car based on ultra-high performance mechanicals.

Stola Concept
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With this luxury coupé, the first car in a family that will be produced in the near future, Stola has gone one step further to become the first haute–couture automotive brand. Indeed, clients will not only be able to define the interior and exterior of the car spawned by this concept, but even decide the name itself.

This extremely exclusive model, of which only 25 examples will be built, has been made possible by the contribution of three great names in the automotive industry: Brabus, Alcar and Pirelli.

Based on a Brabus V12 biturbo powertrain-platform, with a 6.3 litre engine producing 750 bhp and 1360 Nm of torque, the car boasts a top speed in excess of 330 Km/h (200 mph).

Stola Concept
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The design of the Mita rims, the first chromed alloy wheels by AEZ, consists of nine slender spokes that are gently curved to create an extraordinary lustre. The car is shod with 315/25X22 Uhp Pirelli PZERO tyres.

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pdaix  (431) posted on 03.7.2007

let’s hope those guys will bring this batmobile to life... I still cannto believe the Maybach Exelero did not go into production.. so stupid !

pdaix  (1) posted on 03.7.2007

Anyone remember Maybach Exelero????

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