In most civilized countries, keeping the sidewalks free of cars needs no special enforcing from a higher authority, but when it comes to Russia some things are almost backward. For example, a youth movement called "Stop a douchebag" in a not-so-literal translation had to be invented in order to show certain Russian drivers a thing or two about law and order. The footage in the video is just one example of the kind of work the group does.

In short, a few vigilantes walk around sidewalks carrying large round stickers and blocking any vehicle that tries to circumvent car traffic on pedestrian pathways. Most drivers back off, especially when they realize that their stunts are also being filmed, but some are more belligerent, to say the least. This usually results in verbal and even physical confruntations that make for some pretty good examples of how not to behave in public.

The funny bit is that, at least in this video edit, the jumpiest Russian drivers are women. Further escalating the conflicts, the "Stop a Douchebag" folks plaster large round stickers right on the windshields of the aggressive drivers who won’t back off. As the stickers obviously obscure view and seem pretty hard to remove, some confrontations escalate into downright brawls in other videos posted by the vigilante group.


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